6 reasons why Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a must play!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is out, and it’s an absolute blast. It really is the talk on our discord channel currently and we have heard so many great things being said, so it’s not just us!

Don’t believe us? Join our discord here to read the scoop for yourselves.

Sadie Flayeh in the Marketing Team at Rebellion, lends an insight (below), as to why you should pick up and play Zombie Army 4: Dead War on Xbox One, and we totally agree with her, it’s an awesome effort that you’ll find very hard to put down!

“Hi everyone! I’m delighted to be here celebrating the launch of Zombie Army 4: Dead War on Xbox One. We know loads of you have been waiting patiently to slay Hitler’s undead hordes all over again! We also haven’t forgotten about those who are new to the series! Here are my top six reasons why you should pick up Zombie Army 4 on Xbox One today:

  • Zombies. Lots of Zombies.: The year is 1946 and Hitler’s reanimated army is terrorising Europe! From shambling zombies to super-accurate undead snipers and hulking chainsaw-wielding elites to scrambling crawlers, the horde is as varied as it is huge and unrelenting. It’s a zombie army like you’ve never seen before!
  • Brutal 1 to 4 Player Action: Whether you’re looking for a single-player game or something to play with your pals, we’ve got you covered. Zombie Army 4’s massive story campaign offers third-person shooter mayhem for one to four players. Your friends can drop in and drop out and the difficulty will automatically adjust.
  • X-Ray Kill Cam: If you’re a fan of Sniper Elite, you’ll recognise Rebellion’s signature X-Ray Kill Cam. Skeleton-shattering, organ-exploding, brain-busting slow-mo kills return in Zombie Army 4, but now with undead dismemberment — watch as your bullets rip off rotting limbs!
  • Upgrades and PerksZombie Army 4 retains the thrilling arcade action of Zombie Army Trilogy but enhances it with loads of new features. As you rank up you’ll unlock special weapon attacks, melee executions, area-of-effect melee attacks, perks, weapon upgrades, item modifiers and loads, loads more.
  • Horde Mode: Horde Mode returns in Zombie Army 4 and it’s literally bigger and tougher than before. You and up to three teammates must survive wave after wave of unremitting zombies, and as you do the map will open up new areas! You’ll find new treasures waiting for you there… and new terrors!
  • Zombie Tanks and Zombie Sharks: Did I mention we’ve got zombie tanks and zombie sharks in our game? Because we do!

All that said, the biggest reason you should pick up Zombie Army 4 today is because it is a whole lot of fun, whether that‘s in single-player or with your fellow survivors. I really hope you all enjoy it!”

Sadie, we certainly do! And we know our readers who play the game will agree too!

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