5 tips to survive the Dead War in Zombie Army 4

Hitler may be defeated, but his zombie hordes are as ravenous as ever!

Here are 5 top tips to get you started and help you fight back against the undead onslaught in Zombie Army 4: Dead War…

  1. Kick Ass with Special Abilities

Demonic enemies meet epic superhuman powers! In the bottom centre of your HUD you’ll see three icons for weapon class abilities, crowd control melee and health-restoring instant takedowns. Be sure to use them all in your fight to survive!

  1. Upgrade Your Weapons

Find and accumulate weapon upgrade tokens! Use these at workbenches to power up weapons and even supplement them with elemental damage!

  1. Use Your Environment

You can deploy traps in Zombie Army 4, but you can also use those lurking in the environment! From deadly propeller blades to electrified flooring, there are tons of ways to kill the undead!

  1. Explore, Explore, and Explore

There are tons of things to discover in the shadows – elemental attachments, weapon upgrades, collectables and Lots of Easter eggs. You can even stomp on enemies to uncover extra loot!

  1. Customise Your Play Style

Whether you want to be more of a damage-dealer or withstand more damage, take things on from afar or up close, choose up to 5 perks to define your play style and complement your teammates.

What to expect from Zombie Army 4: Dead War?

If you’ve never played a Zombie Army game before, or you just want to know what’s new in the latest instalment? Here at Complete Xbox, we’ve got you just about covered!

Hitler’s Hordes are back

Zombie Army 4 continues the series heritage of all-out, intense undead carnage for 1-4 players. Set in 1946, one year from the defeat of Zombie Hitler, his reanimated Nazi hordes still roam the Earth!

A New Terrifying Adventure

In Zombie Army 4 you and your fellow survivors explore massive new levels across Italy and beyond in a brand-new story campaign. Gun your way through hordes of rattling, snarling enemies, and fight through a gauntlet of unimaginable terror to uncover a sinister plan lurking in the darkness…

Horrific New Enemies

From shadow demons to armoured elites, suicide generals to creepers. Zombie Army 4 features an incredible array of rotting enemies, familiar and unfamiliar – Including zombie tanks and sharks!

Progression and Customisation

Unlock everything from weapon upgrades to special abilities, powerful perks to cosmetic additions! Rank up and build the slayer that suits you, with a bevy of deeply customisable options!

Upgraded Kill Cams and Dismemberment

The X-Ray Kill camera returns! Watch in gory-ous slow motion, as bullets, bombs and more rip undead bone, and organs into shreds. Marvel at your precision, as bullets tear off rotten limbs!

Bigger, Deadlier, Horde Mode

Welcome to the most challenging horde mode for the series ever! The longer you survive, the bigger the map gets, revealing greater treasures as well as greater challenges! How long can you survive?

If you’ve played Zombie Army 4: Dead War, let us know what you think below in the comments!

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