10 top multiplayer tips every Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player should know

The Giant has Officially launched, and by that we mean Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare has finally dropped on to the Xbox Scene, and if you like pretty much any shooter fan in the world, then your pretty much spending most of this weekend and many other’s in the coming weeks on this new entry to the Call of Duty franchise.

There’s always room for improvement in Call of Duty, it doesn’t matter if you played the Alpha or Beta multiplayer, or whether you are experiencing the game for the first time, you bet your dollar there will be plenty better than you.

Below are some top tips for a Tier One Operator, and these tips will be handy for players of all types be that a new recruit or a seasoned veteran.

  1. Play the Campaign and Special Ops. While we know a good portion of players just enjoy Multiplayer, there is a lot to be learned about Modern Warfare through its Campaign and Special Ops modes. Exploring these modes could give you a bit more practice with the game’s basic mechanics against A.I. opponents, whose difficulty can be adjusted to offer a challenge for any skill level.
  2. Open up those Options. Default settings are a great starting point for any newcomer, yet it’s not the end-all be-all for how the game should be played. Whether it’s trying out new sensitivity settings and button layouts or fine-tuning visual options to your comfort level, the biggest step towards improving your game could be the changes you make before dropping into battle.
  3. Know your Loadout. A shotgun may not be the best weapon for long-range sharpshooting and hitting a target with a sniper rifle without aiming down sights can be difficult. Even if tensions are high in battle, always keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of your loadout.
  4. Think like a Tier One Operator. The best players in Modern Warfare know the value of staying alive and taking calculated risks. Reckless deaths may lead to the enemy gaining the upper hand, so it may be wise to take a tactical approach and consider all options before diving headfirst into combat.
  5. If there is an objective, consider playing around it. When playing objective-based game modes, you’re more likely to get into engagements and win games by focusing on the objective at hand. Plus, the potential XP gained for capturing objectives and the multiple challenges revolving around winning games, make it worth considering playing the objective.
  6. Take the drive to Enlisted Rank 55. When you first start Multiplayer, you will be limited to default loadouts, a few Killstreaks, and two Field Upgrades. However, as you play the game and gain experience for both your Operator and weapons, you’ll be able to further customise loadouts and more to your playstyle. Keep on ranking up until you have the entire arsenal at your disposal once you hit Enlisted Rank 55.
  7. Experimentation could equal success. Don’t be afraid to try out a new weapon, Killstreak, Field Upgrade, or even an attachment. Who knows? Coming out of your comfort zone could help you get a step closer to upping your game and finding an epic win streak.
  8. Communication is key. Tier One Operators is a plural term. The best in the business probably rely on their squadmates to execute the mission at hand. Whether you dive into Multiplayer with friends or make some new ones in the lobby, clear, effective communication can go a long way in battle.
  9. Intel is power, both in-game and out. Having what we call a high “COD IQ” – knowledge of the game and its mechanics – can help in online matches against fellow community members. Be sure to check the Activision Games Blog often for a variety of guides – from basic movement tips to map and mode specific tactics – that will help up your COD IQ.
  10. Our most important tip is to have fun!It’s only a game, after all. Party up with friends, don’t sweat the tough losses, and just play!

We hope these tips prove useful…. and remember, stay frosty on the battlefield.

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